Welcome to the Milwaukee Slack!


WANT AN INVITE? Send an email to invite@milwaukeeslack.com with your name, a brief explanation of why you want to join the Slack, and how you heard about us. Lastly, please include some proof that you are, in fact, a human. The easiest way is to link to your public profile accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter or GitHub. If you don’t have any of those, no worries, then just answer the following question: “What is your favorite Planet? Why?” None of the information will be shared with anyone.

Slack Info

The Milwaukee slack started out as an IRC channel and has grown to nearly 3,000 members today. Its roots started with software development and technology but has grown to include much more over the years. With the growth has come a need for some rules to ensure civil and respectful discourse.
  1. There is a Code Of Conduct - Read it.
  2. Please introduce yourself in the #general channel when you join. If you are new to the Milwaukee area, there are many of us that are ready and willing to help you get accustomed to your new home.
  3. We expect that you will treat others with respect. Healthy discourse and debate is encouraged. We ask for patience and remind you that everyone has their own story and path that drives their point of view. It may be different than yours and that is ok.
  4. Jokes, including sarcasm, have their place in a conversation. We remind you that text is oftentimes misinterpreted and suggest the use of emojis or other context clues to help show intent. With that said, Trolling and bad faith arguments will not be tolerated.
  5. Channels have topics, please try to stay within those topics. A good conversation may drift and that is ok. If a channel is too off topic, a gentle nudge back to the channel purpose may be used from time to time.
  6. This Slack is a place for the Milwaukee area community. If you have done something and want to show it off, go for it! If your place of employment is doing something great, show it off. Please include context for what you are sharing. There is a line between showing the community the work you have done and spamming. Keep this line in mind when posting. Abuse will result in posts being deleted and possible further action
    • Events should go in #events
    • Job postings should go in #gigs-jobs
    • Ads for a product/service should be tagged as such.
  7. If you require Slack admin assistance, please post in the #slack-help channel.
  8. Have you read the Code Of Conduct yet?